Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why should I publish with Avon Impulse?
  • Because our goal is to publish great stories in a great way. Avon means quality, which means you'll be working with some of the best in the business: editors who spot trends, and develop talent while overseeing your manuscript and working with you to manage our career; marketers with proven relationships with all on line retailers, whose knowledge of strategic pricing and on line advertising is top–notch; publicists with their expertise in social media and promotional campaigns, who can get the word out about your book.
    But don't just take our word for it. Here is some information we hope will help you decide on the best publishing plan for you.
  • What is Avon Impulse?
  • It's the digital-first publishing imprint of Avon Books. Each month our goal is to build an exciting list of fresh, exciting voices, which means we're always looking for new talent! At Avon, we're known for our personalized approach to publishing. We promise, you'll know our names, phone numbers, email addresses and twitter handles. You'll be hearing from us often. You'll receive major house effort with boutique TLC, making Avon Impulse a fantastic place to launch your romance writing career.
  • Who will I be working with?
  • Click here to meet the editors! Your editor will be your loudest cheerleader and biggest fan from contract to publication. She's there to ensure your vision for your cover and copy comes true. She's your point person and trouble shooter, making sure everything runs smoothly during the editing process.
  • What about the rest of my team?
  • When you sign with Avon Impulse, you are acquiring a team responsible for art, copy, marketing, social media support, and publicity—and more: A foreign rights staff determined to make your book available in other languages; a legal team protecting your work from piracy; a the subrights group pitching your romance novel to the book clubs.
    Our goal is to sell as many copies of your book, in as many venues, as possible. Click here to read about some of our most recent success stories in each of these areas.
  • What kind of marketing and publicity will my book be getting?
  • Because every book is different, our marketing plans aren’t cookie cutter. But we can promise the following: e-galleys sent to key reviewers and bloggers, featured placement on the From the Heart newsletter, consideration for strategic pricing and key account promotions, and targeted Facebook advertising. In addition, you’ll be supported by the Avon Addicts a group of superfans who talk all Avon, all the time!
  • Where will my books be sold?
  • Everywhere! Your work will be available globally at all the major online retailers. If your fans want print, every book longer than 25,000 words will be available in print at those same retailers. World English language distribution ensures that your book will be available in English around the world, and our subrights department will work hard to get your book translated.
  • That sounds great, but what are the royalties?
  • Avon Impulse royalties are 50% after the first 10,000 copies sold and start at 25%. (These terms are without an advance.) The print books receive standard mass market royalties.
  • Is there a chance I could become part of the Avon Romance list?
  • Yes! While every Impulse over 25,000 words is available in print, we've had a number of authors who have moved onto our mass market original list, including Candis Terry and Sophie Barnes.
  • What are you looking for right now?
  • Contemporary romances, New Adult fiction, historical romances, erotica. Readers love mini-series and so do we. But trends change constantly, so check in often. Click here for more detailed guidelines and information about the submission process.