Avon Romance Submission Guidelines


Q) Do you think all the fun has gone out of romance novels?

A) Sometimes we do, too!

Toss away your ideas of what Avon is all about, and read here for how to write for

Avon Romance and Avon Impulse.

You desire: books that are super-sexy and romantic.

We need: The stories you want to read—and write—but can’t always find.

We publish: Digital original and mass market original romance. We want you to be our next star!

What might get you noticed:

  • Fabulously sexy heroes who let nothing get in the way of getting what they want—the heroine of course—and giving her everything she needs.
  • Heroines unafraid to take chances in life…and in love. She’s smart and she’s never afraid to stand up for herself.
  • You choose the setting, just make sure it’s utterly romantic! We want to be able to immerse ourselves in the wonderful world that you’ve created.
  • “Series Wanted!” Readers always cry out for more when you’ve given them characters to believe in…so give us more, too, and you’ll get our attention.
  • Dark and dramatic? Bring it on! We all love to laugh, but we’re also interested in stories that explore the many twists and turns of true love.

A few necessary facts:

  • Avon Books (print): should be 80-95,000 words in length
  • Avon Impulse (digital first): We are seeking full length novels of approximately 50-60,000 words.
  • Formatting choices are up to you. If we can read it, you can submit it.
  • No need to submit to a specific editor. If a specific editor has requested your manuscript, please let us know and we’ll get it to her.
  • No need to submit to specific imprint, either; you’ll work with the same editorial team.
  • You should receive an answer either way in about three months.
  • You don’t need an agent.


Be Creative! Be innovative! And don’t hesitate to submit to Avon today.